You Might Be a Preschool Teacher If…

As promised…

You Might Be a Preschool Teacher If…

1. You wear lounge pants and a sweatshirt to work and it is considered acceptable attire. You’re going to be on the go-a lot. You’re going to want to bend down to reach your students’ eye level comfortably. You’re also going to end up with things like paint, snot, and food on your clothing.

2. You hear others tell you, “Wow, I could not do that for a living!”

3. You thought you were patient before you started the job, making you pretty qualified. You then discovered new levels of patience or the lack thereof.

4. You have learned to get formally discreet when talking with parents about their children’s potty incidents. “_______ had a BM accident today” instead of “Today, your child pooped his or her pants.”

5. You have heard all forms of crying. The ugly cry is the least pleasant.

6. You have learned to become accustomed to DHS and other agencies inspecting your classroom and your work practices as is required.

7. You feel tempted to give someone a glazed over blank stare when asked “What did you do at work today?”

8. You always have to think about 5 steps ahead of the next planned activity in your daily schedule.

9. You panic when your CD player doesn’t work because that means you have to stretch your vocal chords even more and sing another upbeat song for the millionth time whilst running out of breath, hoping that lunch will soon be served.

10. Nap time is not only torture for your students, but at times for you as well..there’s always a few that refuse to even try to sleep.

11. You hear your name countless times throughout the day, usually said in a questioning or tattling tone. Or sub in the dreaded “Teacherrrrrr……”

12. You secretly envy your students’ opportunity to take a nap after lunch. That leftover coffee from the AM is cold and isn’t cutting it anymore. You begrudgingly drink it anyway or use your 20 minute break to run and get your 2nd caffeinated beverage of the day. If that doesn’t float your boat, just opt for napping in the break room and awakening to your cell phone alarm.

13. You fill out forms as needed titled, “Ouch Reports,” “Behavior Reports,” “Parent Notices,” “Daily Telegrams,” “Potty training logs,” “Gotcha’s” and “Incident Reports.”

14. You have experience helping dress 20 plus students for the cold winter weather. 30 minutes later…you go outside…for 10 minutes.

15. The thought of cleaning up urine, vomit, or poop does not even phase you anymore. Actually, it’s expected.

16. You swap stories with your coworkers of the funny thing such and such a child did that made you laugh or shake your head in confusion or wonderment.

17. You hold little hands whilst walking to and from public places.

18. You have helped clean up 5 or more milk spills in one day. That’s the honest truth.

19. You get really excited for your students when you find out they are going to be a big brother or sister!

20. You are familiar with the terms  “circle time,” “dramatic play,” “writing center,” “block center,” “art center,” “sensory play,” “science center,” and “fine motor skills small groups.”

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