You Know You’re a Mom of Young Kids When…

My life looks pretty different 5 years out of college. Gone are the days when I could quickly pack up my backpack, walk down the street, and spend an entire afternoon or evening sipping an iced coffee and tackle homework or spend some time in the Word. I don’t miss the homework, but I do miss that it was my time. I didn’t have anyone else’s needs or schedules to attend to. I didn’t have to rush. I did things at my own pace.

Gone are the roommate chats that could last up to 6 hours given the chance. Gone are the days when I had much less bills to pay and much more energy to look my best. Gone are the days when it was just my laundry waiting to be done and just myself that I was cooking for.

Enter the days of marriage, full-time work, and young motherhood and some days as I am walking around my house, I think to myself, “Things are different. This is definitely not the residence of Anna the college girl who used to wear a much smaller jean size and go out on regular dates.” There are mental snapshots of this new stage of life I take note of that I’m sure many other young mothers have in their albums as well.

You know you’re a mom of young kids when…

  1. You have mom hair. It’s a thing. It’s a messy bun with strands of hair falling out all over the place and some of them have boogers (not your own) or baby food in them. Your mom hair may or may not have 3 days worth of dry shampoo all up in it. You probably can’t remember the last time you had a haircut or even a trim.

        2. Speaking of needing  a shower, you probably fall into one of two categories: 1. You can’t remember the last time you took a shower, you just know you need one…soon OR 2. You can’t wait to find the time to take a shower because it means a lone time for you..the shower has become your “me time.”

3. Your house is always messy. I’m not talking when grandma comes over to watch your child(ren) and you stay up late to make your house look clean to give off the impression that  it’s always this clean. I’m talking toys all over the floor, bits of food from meals 1, 2, and 3 on the kitchen floor at some point during the day, tons of dirty dishes (more if you you’re like me and don’t have a dishwasher), laundry that is either waiting to be washed, waiting to be folded, or waiting to be put away, and random clothing, baby items, etc. that you find in the oddest places because your little one carried them around the house and chose to drop them off elsewhere.

4. You consider a Tupperware party an opportunity to finally get all dressed up…because you’re “going out”…by yourself…and this means eyeliner!


5. You feel like the store is your second home. You’re always needing to stop for things like baby food, diapers, formula, wipes, snacks, children’s Tylenol, etc. You also tend to dread it, even if your child does well in the cart.

6.You look forward to the day your child can walk without much supervision or guidance because this means no more carrying a million things at once…and a baby… and looking like a hot mess.

7. Speaking of carrying a million things…a large durable, stylish tote bag becomes your one true desire for Christmas…or any time really.

8. It takes you forever to pack up and leave someone else’s house. Where are the wipes? Did we leave her bottle in the living room? Where’d her socks go? Have you seen her mittens? Sooooo many little items to keep track of.

9. You feel like you’re being followed. Everywhere. Not by a predator, but by a little crawling or walking human being that bangs on the door of the bathroom until you come out or cries when you shut your bedroom door to get dressed.

10. All your online shopping involves something for your child. Leggings in a specific color to match the long-sleeved onesie that doesn’t match anything else. Formula because you don’t have time to run to Wal-Mart. Mittens because no place local has them small enough. A sparkly red cardigan, because what else will she wear with her Christmas dress?


11. Your weekend evenings are a little different then they used to be…


12. You simultaneously feel love and frustration (or your patience tested) more often than you ever have before on any given day.

What things would make your “You Know You’re a Mom of Young Kids When…” list? Please make my day and share them below, I would love to feel the sense of camaraderie and share some laughs! If you’re reading this on Facebook, just comment below this post. Happy mom-ing to your young kids! 😉

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