Blankie Tags, Mandarin Oranges, & Bedtime Stories: Life in the Little Years

I hear you calling my name across the hall. Mom! Mom….MOM!

Never having been a morning person, I force myself out of bed to start the day.

I open the door to your room, your head shoots up from your pillow, and you are on your feet. With a quick bend down, you find the tag to your well-worn blankie and simultaneously put your thumb in your mouth. The early morning sun streams through your window, reflecting your golden curls. I smile as I think to myself, “She is so beautiful.”

“I see Maggie!” you say as we head toward the living room. You find your baby sister in the swing and she brings joy to your little face. It warms my heart that she is the first person you want to see as soon as you are out of bed.

Cartoons and breakfast follow soon after. Goldie and Bear, Arthur, Kratt Brothers, Curious George, or Daniel Tiger. Cereal and toast, graham crackers and a banana, or yogurt. A sippy cup of milk is a given and a face that always seem to smell of peanut butter or yogurt.

Sticky hair and high chair messes, diaper changes, and princess dresses. Fighting the hair brush and getting dressed, wanting to play outside, and go to nana’s.

Leisurely stroller rides and chalk on the sidewalk, always asking “why?” and watching me apply makeup. Frozen theme songs and  baby dolls, popsicles, and night time strolls.

Always adding to your vocabulary and asking me what I’m doing, wanting to watch me in the kitchen and see what Maggie’s doing.

Scraped knees, band-aids, bracelets, and hair ties, a love of shoes, a distaste for flies, and requests for more mandarine oranges.

Each day is different, yet somewhat predictable, by the time your bedtime rolls around, it’ s somewhat unbelievable. It’s often a feat to get you in your jammies, but mention your multi-vitamin and you’re asking for seconds. Brushing teeth and bedtime stories, singing songs , and snuggling closely. After a long day, I cherish our bedtime routine; it’s one on one time with you, my lovely little darling.

Rocking with you just a few minutes more, I lay you in your bed and say goodnight before closing the door. Raising you, my daughter is not always easy, but I am so grateful to God for entrusting you to me.

I write these memories down so I will remember what it was like during the little years, to be your mama.

I love you Taya Grace xoxo




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